Adamjee Collegiate Kharadar

We are very happy to introduce many dynamic courses which includes many new and great features happy to …

We are very happy to introduce the best faculty members who not only teach, but also guide students regarding their potential career.

We are very happy to introduce such a convenient admission process. Now you can get admission only by texting us on Facebook or WhatsApp.

WELCOME TO Adamjee Collegiate Kharadar

Our Vision:

To Enhance Access towards Education & to Empower Students to fulfill their Academic & Professional Tasks.

Our Mission:

To Offer Broad & Balanced Academic Program, that are mutually reinforcing & emphasize high quality and creative instruction at the Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary & Undergraduate levels.


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Some Special Teachers From The Industry!

Sir Adil Qureshi

BBA (Marketing) POC, Banking, Urdu, Commercial Geograph

Dr. Hussain

MBBS (Dow) Physics, Biology

Sir Noman Patni

BS in Computer Science Computer, Mathematics.

Sir Anas

BBA (Finance), Accounting, Statistics, Economics, English

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